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5 Tips on Enhancing Your Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones are a feature that will never go out of style. Unfortunately for many of us, we aren’t born with naturally sculpted cheekbones, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. As proven hundreds of times, makeup can make anything possible, including those fabulous cheekbones you want. You’re in luck, because we know just how to achieve the defined cheekbones look and bring out your inner Naomi!

  • Figure out what kind of cheekbones you have

Before attempting your makeup look, you need to figure out if you already have high cheekbones. We’re all built differently so let’s figure out whether you have high or low cheekbones through this easy trick:

The first step is easy: find a mirror. Then, place your thumb at the top of your ear, (make sure your face is makeup-free during this process,) and place your index finger right below your nose. Final step is to move your thumb and index finger towards each other, that’s going to highlight your cheekbone for you. The line you figuratively drew with your fingers is your cheekbone. If you have high cheekbones, that line will be under your eye or aligned with the tip of your nose. On the other hand, if you have low cheekbones, this line will fall on the lower part of your nose or below it.

Now onto the makeup…

  • Everything starts at the base

We can’t jump right to the cheekbones without first applying your shade of foundation. It’s like painting on the wrong canvas if your base is not secure. As with any makeup look, the base is everything!

  • Find the correct shade

Contouring is the most crucial step in this look, it’s going to do most of the heavy lifting of the products you’ll use, so make sure you have a reliable and quality contour handy. For the contour, we recommend using a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to highlight your cheekbones, and use a shade slightly darker than your skin tone on the hollow of your cheeks. This will give you the carved look you’re aiming for, with defined cheekbones and sexy hollow cheeks.

  • The Lip to Ear Technique

If you’re a beginner at contouring, you can use this simple technique to get the dimensions just right. The Lip to Ear technique entails you using the outer corner of your mouth as a guide to the contour. First you have to imagine a vertical line from the outer corner of your mouth to your ear. Afterwards, rub the product down that line until you reach the part where the center of your pupil would meet your cheek. The key is to keep any color beneath your cheekbones and not above it, which will effectively lift the cheekbone structure.

  • Highlight, highlight, highlight

As we mentioned earlier, contouring your cheekbones won’t be complete without some highlight to make it all really pop. You can use a highlighter stick or cream highlight to enhance your cheekbone by applying a small amount on the high part of your cheekbones. This will give it a shimmer and a glow that will bring everything together flawlessly.

If you’re missing a highlighter in your collection and are wondering what highlighter would work best, we’ve got you covered. Here are our five recommended highlighters worth checking out:

Essentials, Go Gold Shimmer

The Essentials Go Gold shimmer is designed to give a startling bold gold shine for your skin. Rich in shimmery minerals, the liquid serum luster provides instant glow for your skin upon application.

Donna Natural, Highlighter Drops Rose Gold

Formulated to give your skin a subtle, yet noticeable glow, these drops will produce a reflective shimmer that will give you the glow you want.

Essentials, Pearl Up Babe

Achieve a pearlescent, dewy effect on your skin. The Essentials Pearl Up Babe, will give your face and body a long lasting shine, ideal for a natural glow.

Essentials, Shimmer Cream, Bronze

Achieve a natural summer glow with this creamy, silky shimmer cream. Designed to give your skin a subtle and natural glow, this cream can be applied to your face and body, allowing you to enhance your tans and glow from head to toe.

Essentials, Sun Gold Shimmer

This is a must-have illuminating highlighter, designed to create a soft gold glow. Appropriate for use on delicate areas in your face to give a boost to your makeup look.

Finally, don’t forget to blend all the elements and products you’ve used in your overall look together just right, from the contour to the blusher to the bronzer to the highlight. Make sure the colors from all these different parts go together and complement each other well; your face is a masterpiece, treat it that way!

Image Credit: Pinterest

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