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Egyptian Beauty Gurus You Should Follow

So much beauty can be found in Egypt. Its landscapes, food, and especially its people. Here at Source Beauty, we strive to celebrate beauty where it can be found, to elevate and strengthen the voices of Egyptian women in everyday life. Instagram can so often only feature westernized faces and beauty ideals, leaving many of us feeling alienated and out of place. Let’s keep it close to home – here are Egyptian beauty gurus that we love and you should follow.

Aliaa Lasheen

Product ingredient lists are overwhelming and confusing – what do all these things do? Aliaa Lasheen accurately and quickly explains how certain solutions affect your skin, what products contain better formulas, and what to avoid based on your skin type.

Aya Abdelhamid

Certified straight out of Hollywood and London, Aya Abdelhamid is truly one of a kind. Her Instagram reels and Tiktok videos give you the most useful tips and tricks for perfect makeup application. Ever wonder how to keep your foundation on longer, or what the best way is to get rid of glitter fallout? Check out Aya’s ingenious makeup hacks.

Dina Ragheb

As a well-known beauty advisor, the beautiful Dina Ragheb represents the epitome of modern-day Egyptian aesthetics. Her collection of photos of the most glamorous, sultry makeup and bridal looks make us yearn for a Four Seasons Nile Plaza wedding.

Martina Mike

Curly hair can be so difficult to maintain – an issue that Martina Mike is familiar with. Despite the struggle, Martina offers ingenious hair care tips including how to style, wash and nourish the mane for her fellow twirly-haired girls.

Mariam Elmasry

More into skincare? Mariam Elmasry creates helpful product reviews, sample skincare routines and collections of her personal favourites on her Instagram page. If you’re in the market for a new face mask or SPF, Mariam has you covered.

Nour Rizk

Nour Rizk is a self-taught professional makeup artist and has quite an impressive range. From eccentric graphic liner to red carpet glam to Halloween characterization, Nour has it all. Book her services for your prom, graduation day or even for a music video!

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