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Hands & Heels: Top 8 Products

With the fast-paced nature of the summer months with the constant sun and sand exposure, we tend to forget two important body parts that get really affected: our hands and heels! They can dry easily and become really chapped. We’ve listed our top 8 hand and heel products to keep you hydrated, soft and fresh all season. Check them out below.

Kinetics, Frangipani & Sicilian Lemon Hand & Body Lotion

We couldn’t help but talk about these recently launched, heavenly lotions by Kinetics. With a range of beautiful fragrances, designed with the intention of replicating the scent of a real perfume, these lightweight lotions contain base, heart and top notes of different varieties, depending on the scents you choose. Massage it onto your skin for 24h, grease-free moisture. This Frangipani & Sicilian Lemon fragrance is super refreshing and summery and one of our personal favorites.

Luna, Emollient Glycerin Hand & Heel Cream

This highly hydrating moisturizer will keep your skin free of cracks and excess dryness. Plus, it works for both the hands and heels, a 2-in-1 (bonus!). This Emollient Glycerin Hand & Heel Cream from Luna is enhanced with glycerin to smooth out and support the skin’s natural renewal process. Plump and smooth skin all day everyday y y.

Topicrem, Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

The Ultra Moisturising Hand Cream from Topicrem provides immediate hydration and nourishes your skin to efficiently protect very dry and damaged hands. Popular among our team, we love the very subtle floral scent, the non-sticky, grease-free effect it has and how soft it makes our hands feel.

Kolagra, Foot Cream With Urea 10%

We usually don’t pay enough attention to our feet and often disregard prioritizing buying products for them. This Kolagra, Foot Cream With Urea 10% will change all that with just one usage! It’ll effectively heal your heels and help rid them of all cracks while keeping your feet smooth and soothed. Apply it after the shower before or after a long day.

Eva Cosmetics, Passion Bundle

Indulge yourself and treat your body with everything it needs with this Passion Bundle from Eva Cosmetics. It includes everything that will nourish and hydrate your hands, feet, and body all with a freshly, fruity scent- the perfect summer travel kit!

Joviality, Peppermint Foot Balm

An intensive blend of shea butter, hydrating coconut oil and peppermint oil to heal and moisturize dry cracked heels, this Peppermint Foot Balm is the perfect post-beach product to use. With the easy applicator, all you’ll need to do is swipe it along your heels and let the peppermint freshness do the work!

Neuth France, Multi-Dimensional Restorative System Hand Cream

Improve hydration and elasticity with this Multi-dimensional Restorative System Hand Cream from Neuth France. This hand cream will fade out wrinkles, age spots as well as other signs of ageing. This cream will also improve skin firmness and elasticity and will leave you with softer, hydrated hands.

Norshek, Rose Hex Spirit Salts

The Rose Hex Spirit Salts from Norshek, can be used for a foot bath and can also be doubled as a cleansing scrub. We love a versatile product. Pour a few spoonfuls of the salt into a warm bath, allowing it to dissolve. The rose petals work with the rest of the ingredients to energize your body and detox your skin leaving it nice and soft.

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