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How Often You Should Trim Your Hair

You’re either someone who gets their hair trimmed religiously, or you make like Tarzan and let your hair do its thing. There’s no in-between. For all you ladies that skip the crucial and consistent trips to the hairdressers, this one’s for you. Here, Source Beauty provides you with a quick and easy guide for getting your hair trimmed.

If You Want to Maintain Your Length

On average most women need to cut off about two centimeters every 8 weeks. This ensures that your hair stays healthy as it’s growing. Going too long between trims can thin out your hair and cause split ends.

  • Curly Hair:

Can go up to 12 weeks between trims.

  • Fine or Straight Hair:

A trim is needed more frequently in order to keep your hair looking thick and bouncy-especially if you have layers. Try making an appointment every 6-8 weeks.

  • Pixie or a Bob:

Trim every 6 weeks-growth is more visible on shorter cuts. If your hair grows fast, then once a month is necessary to keep your hair looking sleek and structured.

  • Fringe:

Get a touch up every couple of weeks.

If You’re Trying to Grow Out Your Hair

This really depends on how much damage you cause to your hair. Styling and dying your hair on a regular basis weakens your hair- meaning you need to get haircuts more frequently than someone who doesn’t.

  • Damaged Hair:

You should be getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. By chopping off damaged hair, it makes it easier for your hair to renew and grow.

  • Healthy/Non-treated/ Non-styled hair:

You lucky ladies can go up to 12 weeks between trims. Just one of the upsides of having great hair.

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