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The Perfect Curly Hair Routine

Having curly hair can sometimes be difficult, especially if you grew up like me, not knowing how to control the frizz and struggling to have defined curls. Over the years, I’ve learned to love and appreciate my curly hair more and more. The more I know how to deal with my hair, the more I realize how beautiful and unique it is. This was years and years of learning what works for my hair and what doesn’t.

Shower Routine:

Somavie, Argan Oil Shampoo

Somavie’s products work to cater to the curly hair community and are made to match the prosperity and proteins within the hair. This specific product is perfect for low porosity hair, which doesn’t easily allow moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft. This product is also 100% free from silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, alcohols, and parabens, perfect for any curly-haired girl and should be something to take care of when using new products.

Somavie, Argan Oil Conditioner

The Somavie line is ideal for sensitive and low porosity hair. This conditioner will allow moisture back into your hair, and with the added Argan oil, carrot, oil, and green tea extract, it will also help combat dandruff and hair breakages, leaving your hair healthy and strong. Like the shampoo, it is 100% free of silicones, sulfate, mineral oils, alcohols, and parabens.

Tangle Teezer, The Wet Detangler

One of the biggest struggles I found when using different hair brushes is finding a brush that detangled my hair easily and quickly and didn’t cause the brush to deteriorate completely. This brush is my go-to for a quick and easy detangling experience. The teeth on the hairbrush help it glide easily through the hair. I would recommend brushing through your hair with the Somavie Argan oil conditioner still on your hair to make the product absorb deeper into your hair.

After Shower Routine

What you do after the shower is crucial for adding moisture and definition throughout the week.

Somavie, Argan Oil LeaveIn Cream

As mentioned before, moisture is key. Curly and textured hair will benefit from the extra moisture provided in a leave-in conditioner. This product will detangle, tame, and define your curls without leaving build-up and will leave your curls looking fresher and less frizzy.

Denman brushes, D3 Original Styler

The Denman brush is perfect for styling naturally curly hair and creating ringlets when it’s wet. This brush is different from other brushes since it simplifies curls, spirals, increases definition, smoothes frizz, and evenly distributes the product. Therefore using this brush right after using the leave-in cream will help give your curls more definition.

L’Oréal Paris, Elvive Extraordinary oil

Using a hair cream while your curls are styled is important to lock in the moisture. This hair cream is formulated with argan oil and will deeply nourish your hair with its creamy texture, leaving it healthy, smooth, and shiny.

Effie’s, Peach Natural Flaxseed Gel

The last step of this routine is to make sure your curls last and are in place for the coming days to come. Recently flaxseed gel has become a staple ingredient for every curly-haired girl and is used specifically as a gel due to its consistency. If you don’t like crunchy curls, this is the perfect natural healthy alternative.

Before Bedtime Routine General Routine

Over the past couple of years, satin has been proven to have many benefits for hair. The satin fabric acts as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics like cotton, which can easily strip the hair of its moisture. One of the key things any curly-haired girl should focus on is moisture and maintaining it. Therefore, using satin keeps your curls fresher longer and maintains moisture by the natural oils or added hydration. Therefore using Bless, Satin Pillowcase, and Bless, Satin Bonnet is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain the moisture and curls of their hair.

Similar to satin, silk is also an essential material for maintaining the strength of curly hair. Due to the structure of curly hair, it has less elasticity and is more prone to breakage than wavy or straight hair. That’s where silk comes into play. Silk is woven, and the threads are more tightly compact and lay flatter, allowing your hair to glide over the fabric easily and thus eliminating the pulling and leading to less breakage of hair. The perfect hair ties to use are the Sleek, Silk Scrunchie.

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