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The Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type

So much effort is put into finding the perfect anti-ageing serum, acne-clearing mask or serum for your skincare routine, but arguably the most important and necessary step to anyone’s routine is using a facial cleanser. While any cleanser is better than no cleanser, focusing on finding one formulated for your specific skin type can do wonders for your complexion. It might be a little confusing to figure out, so we’ve jotted down our recommendations so you can find the right cleanser for your skin type.

Oily Skin

Large, visible pores and a greasy sheen? For those with oilier skin, it’s ideal to find an oil-controlling cleanser that will purify the pores and cleanse without completely drying out the face. We suggest the Essentials, Deep Cleansing Foam for effective oil control and healthy, purified skin. If you’re also someone who has more acne prone skin, finding a cleanser that will help minimize and control development is important. The Neuth France, Anti-Acne Revitalizing Facial Wash is a gentle, soap free gel that will effectively dissolve and eliminate impurities, excess sebum and acne-causing substances leaving skin clean and protected.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can look flaky and feel itchy or tight. Cleansers that focus on hydration and are packed with essential oils will help revitalize and smoothen the skin. Cleo Laboratories, Moisture-Rich Cleansing Gel is made with shea butter for ultimate hydration, and also has lipid-replenishing properties to soothe and calm dry skin, eczema and other similar conditions. If you’re looking for instant surge of hydration the Nut Botanicals, Morning Star Hyaluronic Gel Cleanser will gently cleanse excess oil and dirt without stripping away your skins natural oils. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid is deeply hydrating and will instantly plump your skin.

Sensitive Skin

This skin type is prone to irritation and redness, especially after cleansing or applying other skincare products. An organic, calming cleanser like the Norshek, Bee-Utiful Natural Soap contains natural antioxidants and bee honey that act as an anti-inflammatory and help ease any discomfort.

Normal Skin

The truly lucky ones experience little to no flaking, redness or sheen, only suffering an occasional breakout or two. Normal skin types can pick virtually any cleansing product to use, but we recommend those that hydrate and tone for some extra glow. The NOON, Argan Purifying Facial Cleanser uses natural acids to exfoliate and wash away dead skin cells. Leaving you with a firm, glowing complexion.

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