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5 Steps to Perfect Brows

Your eyebrow lady can ruin your life faster than any man can. In your pursuit of the perfect brow, letting them grow wild and free is what’s trending, and might just be the answer. Here, Source Beauty lends you a helping hand on your quest to Insta-worthy eyebrows.

1. Step Away From the Tweezers

Like many women who fell victim to the tragic trends of the 90’s and 00’s, sparse eyebrows are a reality. Constant plucking, tweezing, waxing, and threading of your eyebrow hairs can cause trauma to the hair follicle- making it difficult for them to grow back in. So, first thing’s first, stop all removal. In the initial phase of trying to grow out your brows, it’s best to give them a break. Hate to break it to you, but also stay away from sugar, as it can cause sparse eyebrows.

2. Oil Therapy and Massage Eyebrows

If you’re trying to grow out your brows, that can be helped along by massaging the desired area. We suggest using an oil while doing so. Oils can be a miracle worker if you’re consistent. They provide essential vitamins and fatty acids that promote hair growth.

Source Beauty Recommends Using These Oils:

Areej Aromatherapy, Eyebrow Oil

Joviality, Grow My Brow

In Natural, Eyebrow Oil

3. How To:

Every night an hour before bedtime, gently rub some oil onto your eyebrows. Make sure to massage in the opposite direction that your brows naturally sit, in order to coat each and every strand. Great brows aren’t going to happen overnight. You need to give them at least 8 weeks before any real progress is visible.

4. Thou Shall Not Get Tattooed Eyebrows

Please stay away from the felt-tip look, it’s not the most flattering beauty trend. Tattooing your eyebrows can cause infections and sensitivity. P.S micro-blading is allowed.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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