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Gift Set 3

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Indulge yourself or someone special with Body Cravings  self care gift set, a collection of exquisite body products that will pamper and nourish your skin from head to toe. Each item in this thoughtfully curated set is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to provide an indulgent and rejuvenating experience.

Inside the Body Cravings gift set, you'll find Pomegranate Body Mist, Bronze Liquid Highlighter, Peach Lip & Cheek Tint, Brows Styling Soap with Brush.

How To Use

Body Mist: 

1. Spritz the mist onto your skin from a distance of about 8 inches, focusing on pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and décolletage. 

2. Allow the mist to dry naturally. 

*Reapply as desired throughout the day for an extra boost of fragrance.

Liquid Highlighter:

Apply the oil evenly to clean, dry skin before sun exposure or use it to enhance your existing tan. The shimmer particles will subtly highlight your skin, giving you a youthful radiance. Reapply as needed to maintain your desired level of shimmer and glow.

Lip & Cheek Tint: 

Moisturize before use. Apply desired amount on skin and distribute using a brush, sponge, or fingers. For lips, roll the tint’s applicator on the center of your lips, lightly tap using your fingers to distribute. For cheeks, apply the tint’s roll-on lightly on moisturized and primed cheeks then blend it outwards quickly using your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. Repeat when needed.

Brow Styling Soap:

Spray the product with water or mist and sweep the soap over brows with the included spoolie.

What's In It

Body Mist: Aqua, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Citral, Flower Extract, Peg40, Fragrance (Perfume).

Liquid Highlighter: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carrot Oil, Sweet Almonds, Vitamin E, Scented Oil, Powder Shimmering.

Lip & Cheek Tint: Aqua, Beetroot Powder, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Essential Oils.

Brow Styling Soap: Glycerin Soap, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil.

Additional Information

Body Mist: 250ml

Liquid Highlighter: 70ml

Lip & Cheek Tint: 10ml

Brow Styling Soap: 20gm

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