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7 Products for a Cozy Night

Anti-Headache Oil
Air Purifier Dynamic Blend
Focus For The Mind
Aloe Vera Mask
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Calm Bath Salt Calm Bath Salt

The weather is getting chilly, and with the first rain of the season comes an opportunity to stay home all weekend long and have a little you time. These products will help you relax and unwind, leaving you completely refreshed and ready for the week ahead. It’s time to kiss that stress goodbye!

  1. Candle Connection, Fresh Linen & Amber

A distinctive blend of the delicate notes of Fresh Linen & Amber, this candle will transform and create a serene environment. Why not create a sensual and generous fragrance to enhance the atmosphere of any room at home with a Candle Connection scented candle? This candle comes in a beautiful jar for a classical look and a gorgeous scent.

  1. Noon, Anti-Headache Oil

If you suffer from frequent headaches, this product is a great natural alternative to relieve pain or tension. It works by opening up the nasal passage, allowing any sinus buildup to be relieved, and therefore alleviating headache pain.

  1. Candle Connection, Tuberose

This elegantly scented candle will make your home smell like a fresh flower bouquet. With sweet and floral notes, the freshness of the scent will add a sense of brightness and warmth to your home.

  1. Sensera Aromatherapy, Air Purifier Dynamic Blend

This Dynamic Blend Air Purifier is a mix of pure, natural, and therapeutic oils with an energizing fragrance when sprayed in the air. This spray is best for a quick freshening up to cleanse the air of unwanted germs and microbial activity, eliminating airborne bacteria and pathogens and enhancing cognitive functions.

  1. Areej Aromatherapy, Clear Mind

This spray does exactly as its name suggests. For those days when you can't calm your mind, just spray this around your home and unwind.

  1. Dr. Rashel, Aloe Vera Mask

This Aloe Vera Mask from Dr Rashel repairs dehydrated and damaged skin cells while soothing and rehydrating the skin. The aloe vera delivers an intense hydration treatment to heal dry, dehydrated skin, leaving the skin feeling firm and revitalized.

  1. Donna Natural, Calm Bath Salt

Indulge yourself with the perfect relaxing bath with this Donna Natural Calm Bath Salt. This bath salt is formulated with pink Himalayan and Epsom salt, which both help release toxins from your body and help relieve any stresses and soreness.


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