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Top 6 Selfcare Tools

Preaching about the importance of selfcare is one of our favorite things to do here, at Source Beauty, and for good reason. Taking care of your skin, body and hair not only promotes a healthier you but is essential to your mental wellbeing. Using the right tools is a great addition to any selfcare routine. We’ve listed our top 6 selfcare tools below and are sure that they will soon become yours too!

Alb, Silver Shower Filter

Tried and tested, the Alb Shower Filter is a great way of tackling the problem from the source. You just insert it between your shower head and hose and it works to soften the water, making it more ideal for dry skin and dull hair. Chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals are minimized making the water clean and pollutant free and allowing you to have a more purified shower experience. By reducing itchiness and redness and providing greater hydration to your skin and hair, this necessary tool is one you will not be able to shower without.

Crystal Muse, Rose Jade Crystal Roller

If you’re into skincare routines, you probably already own a crystal roller or are looking to buy one. These beautiful looking jems are so good at not only giving your face a much needed lift but will also help boost your mood. Created from genuine rose quartz and jade crystals, this roller will help stimulate blood circulation to the face, minimize puffiness, and bring a natural glow to your skin. You can also place it in the fridge for a few minutes and gently roll over any areas of redness or acne to reduce inflammation.

Beauty Tools, The Refresher

Beauty Tools have provided us with amazing beauty blenders that have made makeup application a much more pleasant experience. Not only that but they’ve also created this amazing skincare tool, an innovative sponge designed specifically for deep cleansing. When used with a cleanser, the Refresher’s texture will work through the skin to remove your makeup and any impurities or excess oil/dirt from your face. Bye bye blackheads, hello super soft and fresh skin.

Denman Brushes, The D143 Long Styler

The hairbrush that’s breaking the internet, we just can’t get enough of it! One of our top-selling brushes, the D143 Long styler is ideal for blow drying and for styling curly and thin or fine hair. It has an elongated handle that provides a great grip, making your blowout an easy and quick process and giving you amazing results. It’s also great for just detangling your curls!

Braes, Pink Satin Bonnet

Satin bonnets are such a game changer when it comes to eliminating any hair frizz and this one by Braes is one of our favorites. By wearing this 100% satin bonnet prior to going to sleep, you create a barrier between your hair and any moisture absorbing material such as cotton (ie. your pillow). They also reduce friction between the cotton and your hair, minimizing breakage, split ends and tangles leaving your curls intact and your locks shiny and healthy.

Soul & More, Facial Brush

Another great cleansing tool, the Soul & More, Facial Brush will effectively clear your pores and remove your makeup by gently buffing away any excess dirt and unwanted impurities.

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