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Winter Beauty Mistakes

The cold air and harsh winds of winter paired with the increased indoor heat can really take a toll on the sensitivity of your facial tissue. It can leave your skin feeling and looking tight, dry, and flaky, and definitely worse for wear. If your goal is to maintain healthy and glowing skin throughout the winter, then sticking to your tried and tested skin care routine may simply not be enough. Fortunately there are ways in which you can tweak and incorporate certain processes to keep your skin healthy. Find out how to avoid the most common winter beauty mistakes below.

Over Moisturizing or Using the Wrong Moisturizer
You may think that simply slathering on mounds of moisturizer may be the solution for your winter troubles. But the reality here is that if you have acne prone or oily skin, this will only further clog your pores and create bumps and breakouts. The solution here is to find the right type of moisturizer for your oily skin and to add an oil free skin serum below for extra hydration. On the contrary, if you’re applying layers of moisturizer and you simply don’t feel hydrated then this may just be that you’re not using the right type of moisturizer for your skin. Try switching to a moisturizer that contains sweet almond oil, ceramides, shea butter, or evening primrose oil.

Not Locking in the Moisture
When washing your face, there’s a very short window of time in which you can lock in the moisture to prevent dehydration. In the winter the air is extremely dry. This means that it will look for water wherever it can find it, more predominantly from your skin when it’s at its most vulnerable, after cleansing. When your face is damp, the dry air will draw out all the water and moisture from your skin resulting in tighter and drier skin. To prevent this from happening, within 60 seconds of cleansing, you should apply an alcohol free toner to your damp skin. The Rose Water Facial Toner from Natavis is a great option for this. Once applied, you can follow with your moisturizer of choice.

Licking Your Lips
Your lips aren’t immune to the changes in weather. Just like the rest of your skin, cold winds and weather can result in dry, chapped, and flaky lips. Even though licking your lips provides you with temporary moisture and relief, in the long run it actually creates more damage. The best way to combat this is to ensure you always have a conditioning lip balm at all times. The Topicrem Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm, will hydrate and replenish your lips, ensuring you won’t feel the need to lick your lips all day long.

Skipping Sunscreen
You may have this preconceived notion that just because it’s not summer then you don’t need to think about applying sunscreen. However the sun’s rays are almost just as strong in the winter as they are in summer. UV rays can interfere with your skin barrier function and as a result affect your skin from maintaining the necessary moisture levels. Never neglect incorporating this step into your routine. This one from Kolagra will seamlessly work into your routine.

Not Exfoliating Enough
Although it’s an extra step in your routine, exfoliating is crucial for the health of your skin, especially in the winter. Just as you would exfoliate dry and dead skin off your body, you really need to be doing the same for your face. Also during winter you’re more prone to add heavier moisturizers and night creams and serums. These can sometimes leave a slight residue the next morning or day, so it’s important to use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of all the surface dirt. Explore all our exfoliators and find one that would work for you directly from Source Beauty.

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