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Nail Strips SD-1012 Slash

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Introducing YOLO's best nail strips! These strips are made from 100% real nail polish and are of the highest quality. They are non-toxic, non-irritant, and won't damage or stain your nails. Plus, they leave no mess or smell behind. With the strength of a gel and the ease of a strip, these nail strips are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy manicure. No heating or curing time is required, so you can apply them in just a few minutes and be ready to show off your beautiful nails!

How To Use

Wash hands with soap and water.
Shape nails with YOLO mini nail file and push-back cuticles with the wooden stick.
Use YOLO cleanser Pad to ensure nails are clear from oils and residue.

Select the strip size for each nail. For optimal fit, the strip should not exceed past the nail bed onto skin or cuticles.
Gently lift the strip from the sheet starting from the edge.
Pro Tip: If you are in between sizes always choose the smaller size for proper adhesion

Place the strip over the center of your nail, starting at the cuticle line and pressing outward
Press down firmly from center and side to side
Pro Tip: Make sure the strip is applied slightly above the cuticle line, avoiding placement on skin.
Avoid wrinkling: Slapping down the strips over your entire nail can cause bubbles. Start at the base of the nail, then smooth down the rest as work your way to the tips.

Fold over excess material.
Position the nail file horizontally along the contour of your nail. With one sweeping motion, file firmly across your free edge. Be sure to file in one direction at a time, filing from side to side will tear the edges.

Pro tip: If you have excessive material when folding strip over nail edge, trim with a scissor or nail clipper before filing.


  1. Soak your nails in soapy water for a couple of minutes
  2. Then use YOLO wooden stick to gently and slowly lift nail strip from corner of the cuticle area
  3. Gradually peel off with the wooden stick and wash your hands

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